A Contemporary Arrangement by Mark Edwards

The Enduring Holiday Classic Transformed

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Messiah 2.0 is a 90-minute, traditional performance of Handel’s masterpiece accompanied by a six-piece contemporary instrumental ensemble. It includes the major selections from Parts I, II and III. While the original score remains virtually unchanged, the unified transformation is exceedingly powerful, distinctive, and reverent. It is fun to perform and a delight for audiences of all ages.

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MESSIAH 2.0 Mark Edwards
MESSIAH 2.0 Mark Edwards


An excellent piece with each movement being performed very tastefully.

William F. DeSanto, D.M.A
Music Department Chair, University of Valley Forge

I loved the way the electronic instruments helped to paint the picture of what was happening in the songs.

Live Stream Attendee – 2023 performance

To my delight, it included all of the musical highlights of the original. It was an overall enjoyable experience that I would recommend to everyone.

Christopher Macy
Piano Faculty, The Community Music School
Trappe, PA

The arrangement captured the feeling of each movement wonderfully.

Concert Attendee – 2023

Messiah 2.0 is a whole new way of hearing Handel’s masterpiece!

Ben Andrews, Percussionist
(drum set – 2012 performance)


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