The Enduring Holiday Classic Transformed

Messiah 2.0 is a traditional performance of Handel's masterpiece accompanied by a six-piece contemporary ensemble.  It includes major selections from Parts I, II and III.  While the original score remains virtually unchanged, the combined sound is exceedingly powerful, distinctive, and reverent.  It is very fun to perform and a delight for audiences of all ages.

"This arrangement is dedicated to all of my musician friends who play the contemporary instruments and would enjoy being included in a traditional Messiah performance.  I trust that it will introduce Handel's most celebrated oratorio to a whole new set of listeners, and doubly inspire those who know and love it well."

Mark Edwards

Information for Directors, Conductors & Producers

This arrangement offers the choral or orchestra director many performance options for your next Holiday concert season.  Orchestra and size is optional.  Chorus can be large, medium or small.  With most applications, an appropriate sound system is to be used along with an experienced engineer.  The running time is about ninety minutes as it includes selections from Parts I, II, and III.  Shorter one hour programs with selected movements can be suggested for use during the Lenten or Advent seasons.  You are cordially invited to review the following information. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.  Thank you!

MESSIAH 2.0 - Program

MESSIAH 2.0 - Instrumentation & Vocals


"Messiah 2.0 is a whole new way of hearing Handel's masterpiece!" Ben Andrews, Percussionist (drum set - 2012 performance)

“Amazing performance, thank you to everyone that participated.  I enjoyed a great evening hearing a classic piece of music with today's spin on the beat - LOVED IT.”
"Wonderful performance!!!"   Facebook posts

“I appreciated the quality and creativity of each arrangement.  You have produced an excellent piece with each movement being performed very tastefully.”  William F. DeSanto, D.M.A., Music Department Chair, University of Valley Forge (formerly Valley Forge Christian College)

“This arrangement really “rocks” but still honors the original.  Handel would approve.”  Ray DiSandro (tenor - 2012 performance)


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