The concert area will accommodate eighty or more singers.  It is important to achieve a proper balance between voice parts, and we reserve the right to limit the number of participants in any one section.  We may ask that you "bring a friend".  Sign up early!

We courteously request the following:

  1. By personal request, a special edition entitled Messiah 2.0 Chorus Selections is currently available for sale.  This edition of the choruses is accurate and contains only the selections that are in this arrangement.  The price of the book covers the cost of printing.  As an alternative: you may use your own standard edition score such as Schirmer and Novello, however they contain numerous errors and portions that we will not be performing.  You are responsible for making the applicable corrections as listed in the errata notes.  You will need to download the following PDF documents below (Errata, Index - Choruses).
  2. You are musically prepared for all twelve (12) choruses by the first dress rehearsal on December 12.  For $18.00 (plus shipping), J.W. Pepper, Inc. sells a self-help CD for each voice part entitled "Do-It-Yourself Messiah".  For more information, click here:  Do-It-Yourself Messiah
  3. You attend pre-season rehearsals as needed, depending on your familiarity with the choruses.  They are currently scheduled for November 8, 21 and December 4.
  4. You attend all three dress rehearsals (December 12, 13 & 15).
  5. You perform in both performances (December 16 & 17).

We look forward to your participation. Thank you!